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Web Design Patterns

from scratch to sketches to Web Design Patterns

Most of our problems we are facing every day may be already solved for us by someone else!
When we are running into some simple and quite small problems we are mostly able to find a quick and efficient solution at hand; but if we are facing a more difficult, complex (object oriented) questionnaire, we might as well search for a reusable solution and reapply it to our problem.

Which means: We may not find a draft, a layout, a scheme, a design from scratch but rather using patterns which can be found in many forms such as analogies, idioms but also abstract documentations on several solved problem situations.

The related issues are: is there a better and/or simpler solution and if yes, where can find it? – Therefore I would like to share some ressources (see list of links beneath) I stumbled after reading some major/minor interesting articles about design patterns and also would like you to share your thoughts about them and others with me! 🙂

As for me, I think, it is also important to understand Web Design Patterns as well as other Design Patterns as spices and ingredients but not recipes. You can mix them wrong. Therefore it is also essential to note, how not to use pattern examples. Some patterns are quite flexible which in some cases also means they are too complicated to be reused for some specific problems; others may be not-so-sophisticated and still have to be rethought.

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