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The Current State of JavaScript (Ajax) Frameworks

Symbolic picture of Usability If you are interested in finding a suitable AJAX- or respectively JavaScript-Library for your webproject, just let me give you a short list of current state – more and less compact – JS libraries:

logo_jquery3.png My absolute favourite ones are JQuery for nearly everything and sometimes MooTools for some special effects such as in tooltips.

Picture of AJAX
There is a big community behind JQuery that keeps the libraries uptodate and browser-conform and there is also a possibility to use jquery and MooTools or other js-libraries in combination / at the same time, namely by using the jquery compatibility mode by calling the method “jQuery.noConflict();“.

For PHP-coders I also recommend using the two libraries Scriptaculous (for effects) and Prototype (for the core), which are, by now, also part of Ruby on Rails Framework.

I also tried the Dojo Toolkit. In short, it is quity easy to use but much much too big, therefore using the default dojo library makes your site much slower, therefore I do not recommend using Dojo.

For JAVA-Coders, it is said, that the Google WebToolkit ist a proper solution, but my tries have not been as promising as the ones you can read on the Google’s project homepage. I would rather recommend on of the above JS-Only-Solutions (such as jQuery) if you have do not mind using JavaScript directly. Most of the JQuery modules work out of the box, therefore in most cases, you do not have to write JS at all.

For more information about current developments on AJAX in web look at the Ajaxian.com with its resources page, that seem to be keeped up2date.

There is also an article about “2007 Ajax Tools Usage Survey Results“, where Prototype and JQuery were the most used libraries by end of the year 2007.

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