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Weblog Alternatives to WP

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In spite of the fact that I decided to use WordPress for building my own weblog because of Usability-Issues, however, I think that this solution might not be the right one for you, if you are also interested in writing your own Blog. Therefore I decided to write down some possible other frameworks.

And here follows the list of alternative weblog APIs, which are mostly as simple to be installed and customized as it is with WordPress, but there are differences in Usability / Functionality and appearance:

List of similar products

LifeType Open Source Blogging plattforum
This php-based Weblog was earlier called “pLog”, but Amazon was the real owner of the trademark “pLog” so the weblog’s project team and amazon decided to
give the weblog a new name (LifeType).
b2evolution Multilingual multiuser multi-blog engine
The Weblog software b2evolution is focused on ease of installation and feature richness. Therefore it is a multi-lingual, multi-user, multi-blog engine) and is maintained by a big project team and its community.
bBlog.com PHP Blogging Software
bBlog builds on concepts of WordPress, b2 and other PHP blog software, but is not based on the same code. It is available under the GPL, and is maintained by a one-man-team.
This is an also php-based blogging software, which is also very simple to install, customize and use. As b2evolution it has a multi-blog feature. The amazing thing about this blog is that the software was developed and maintained by a one-man-team.

A litte bit more extensive software

Movable Type weblog publishing platform
Movable Type is a perl-based, big weblog publishing software developed by Six Apart. It is free for use by a single author and nonprofit of course.
Drupal.org open source content management platform
Drupal is a cms- and blogging-tool, written in php. It is seriously powerful, apart from the more difficult installation process, therefore it quite competes with WordPress.

Textpattern easy-to-use content management
TextPattern is a cms with blogging-features and was developed in PHP. It is a open source project with a extensive template/layout ressource-database and also a nice admin-interface
The BetaBlogger scripts are a really simple and also flexible way to create your own weblog, based as most competitors on php & mysql.
Just for the sake of diversity I also list this weblogging application, which is based on asp.NET. Its homepage is quite worth visiting becuase the whole project is presented in a funny way (you may notice soem similarities to a famous German movie!).

Several Webservices

The team of Blogger now works with Google together. They provide a webservice for publishing weblogs and its online encounter is rife.
TypePad Personal Weblogging Service
SixApart offers a professional and quite well designed (they offer also many templates) and commercial webservice for creating weblogs as Basic-, Plus- and Pro-Lvel-Version.

…and several others, but I listed only those where I think that they are easy to use, to customize and style and have many similarities to WordPress.

Last but not least

Have fun with your future blogging experiences ! 🙂

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