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Transalp, August 2013


This year’s transalp took us from the Lake Constance (in German: Bodensee) to the Lake Como (in German: Comersee)

A litte late, but anyway, I would like to post some impressions and facts on our MTB Transalp journey this year in August.

Transalp_0813_0001We, 4 friends, started on a Friday and went by train to Bregenz where we started our MTB-journey.

Transalp_0813_0002On saturday we moved on to Klosters, mainly on official bicycle routes.

Transalp_0813_0004On Sunday our journey led us thorugh the mountains right to Schruns.

Transalp_0813_0005Then we moved on to Arosa.

Transalp_0813_0006Because of the bad wheather forecast we decided to spend the following day mostly on streets through to move on to Savognin. Let me say this, do not underestimate the many up- and -downs of Swiss motorways 😉 – we also did about ~2000hm and more than 60km this day – but fortunately with nearly no rain.

Transalp_0813_0007Last but one, we moved on to Italy and arrived at the wonderful romantic town called Chiavenna after a amazing long downhill! 🙂

Transalp_0813_0009Finally, we arrived at Colico late at evening.

Transalp_0813_0003Last but not least I can really recommend this route because Switzerland is such a beautiful country, there are many lonely but wonderful trails, and the Swiss – in contrast to Austrians, appreciate Mtbikers!

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