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People’s Republic of China: We come

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Wikimedia.org: China FlagThis friday we – me, my sister and our 2 male companions start out 4-weeks-trip to China, where will start in Shanghai and after end up in Peking again.

The first 2 weeks are planned by Marco Polo Younglines. We decided to take a guide for our start because noone of us four really speaks Chinese and the guided two weeks are especially designed for young people and should be quite a fun therefore.

Some information on the destinations on out tour:

  • SHANGHAI (Transrapid into central, Expo, Huangpu, Team,  Damo-mountain…)
  • ISLAND PUTUOSHAN (holy mountain, beaches and temples…)
  • HANGZHOU (monastery, fairee, forest hiking…)
  • Wuzhen  (Tai-Chi silk Shopping, Wiking again…)
  • XIAN (Yangling-Museum, biking …)
  • Huashan-Mountains (hiking)
  • LUOYANG (truing,  Terrakotta army…)
  • LUOYANG (Longmen-temple,  Shaolin-abbey…) BEIJING Ankunft in der Hauptstadt (forbittden citty, biking, shopping, heaven’s temple, hiking, great wall, pandas :)…)

Stay tuned for some upcoming blog posts, but I have to admit, I do not know how often we will have the possibility to publish blogpost via the web in China, so maybe until October! 🙂

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  1. 1 and a half (u know what) and
    yet we speak Chinese a little … xiexie!

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