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CMS-Recommendation: Drupal

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Drupal Logo from official site Today I read about Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for this year (2008). In a nutshell, this is a program which brings students and mentors within the area of Open Source Development together, worldwide.

As for the last years, Google is investing millions of dollars to finance open source development projects of all diiferent kinds; – and this year, 21 Drupal project fellowships have been selected to be granted. So what is Drupal?

Drupal” is not only a publishing content management system but also a steadily evolving base for web-platforms with a big community as driving power. The core is advancing rapidly, so OpenId and new import/export possibilities, many semantic and social network features are becoming part of both the core api as well as system-modules, which can be easily plugged in / integrated later on…

Here you can look up the list of financed Drupal projects within the Google Summer of Code 2008.

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