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Another snowy skitour to the Hohe Tauern


This weekend we’ve been again to the mountains. This time we have been to the “Goldberg Group” which are part of the “Hohe Tauern“. On Saturday we tried to reach the top of the high “”Sonnblick” (3106m), but unfortunately, there was tooo much fog, so decided to better turning around and skiing again downwards to the “Kolm-Saigurn Naturfreunde-Haus” (1598m), where we slept. The day after, on sunday, we tried to reach the top of the “Hocharn” (3256m) and first had a really good sunny start into the skitour. But suddenly we had to experience fog again but though suceeded in reaching the top of the mountain. Nevertheless, the skirun (going down-hill) was not the best because we didn’t have too much sight (we only saw about one meter distance). However, these 2 skitour-days have been quite an interesting and adventurous experience I do not want to miss (so say the pictures below)! 😉 🙂

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