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Transalp 2016


This year, we only had time for four days. 

transalp2016_t001So our Transalp 2016 took us from Innsbruck to Brixen and with some help by train to the Brenner than back downhill to Innsbruck where we parked our car at the start.


Some more informationtransalp2016_t002:

1st day: Going to Innsbruck (574m) by car where we started our tour by bikes. Then we started uphill to Matrei at the Brenner (992m) and arrived there just right by dawn.

2nd day: Just right after breakfast we left to go further uphill to arrive at the Sandjöchl (2165m) and took a great downhill over Gossensass down to Sterzing where had some ice coffee to take on the last heightmeters going up again to Fussendrass (1381m) where we enjoyed a wonderful sunset.

transalp2016_t0033rd day: After a great breakfast again we started further uphill again to reach the Pfunderer Joch (2568m) by midday. From there we enjoyed a great downhill to Niedervintl (755m).

4th day: After a not so plentyfull breakfast we started a long way round to Brixen where took the train to get to Sterzing because of some rain. When we arrived at Sterzing the sun came back again and we went downhill by bike to finally arrive at Innsbruck again.

… and as always: I’m looking forward to starting the next journey…

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