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Transalp 2014


This year it took us nearly 2 Weeks through the alps.


… our route in 10 days:

1st day: arrival to Kufstein.
2nd day: we went to Aschau bei Kirchberg (A.b. Kirchberg/Spertental).
3rd day: it took us to the “Wildkogelhaus” where we had both a wonderful sunset as well as sunrise.
4th day: we went straight to the “Krimmler Tauernhaus” and enjoyed the views around the Krimml Waterfalls.
5th day: we went across the Krimmler Tauern with beautiful views of the “Hohe Tauern” and reached Niederolang (next to Bruneck).
6th day: journey to St.Vigil Strada
7th day: journey to St. Kassian
8th day: journey to Alleghe
9th day: journey to Feltre (b)
10th: with starting to cross the Monte Grappa we rode our bikes through the last alps’ mountain extensions and finally arrived at Bassano di Grappa (100 km before the sea).

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