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March 6, 2017
by Fleur

Welcome at my personal blog

To find more information about me, see a list of my publications and interests and/or just contact me, please visit my ABOUT ME page.

Below you find some items about journeys and thoughts I made in the last years and I’d like to share.

May 29, 2017
by Fleur

next journeys to come

Eventually, I finalized my phd thesis and bearing a “Dr techn.” (equivalent to a phd) now.

I am continuing my scientific work on the promotion of fostering in silico application for cancer research and looking forward to identifying novel insights to tumor progression.

The future holds many interesting studies and I am already planning a work on tumor model visualization and studying its feasibility for comparison to traditional in vivo models. 

Meanwhile, my profession as a user interaction and experience consultant will stay a rational, diversified and motivating exercise for the upcoming years. 

And of course, I will continue to write on longer cycle experiences too 🙂

September 13, 2016
by Fleur

Transalp 2016

This year, we only had time for four days. 

transalp2016_t001So our Transalp 2016 took us from Innsbruck to Brixen and with some help by train to the Brenner than back downhill to Innsbruck where we parked our car at the start.


Some more informationtransalp2016_t002:

1st day: Going to Innsbruck (574m) by car where we started our tour by bikes. Then we started uphill to Matrei at the Brenner (992m) and arrived there just right by dawn.

2nd day: Just right after breakfast we left to go further uphill to arrive at the Sandjöchl (2165m) and took a great downhill over Gossensass down to Sterzing where had some ice coffee to take on the last heightmeters going up again to Fussendrass (1381m) where we enjoyed a wonderful sunset.

transalp2016_t0033rd day: After a great breakfast again we started further uphill again to reach the Pfunderer Joch (2568m) by midday. From there we enjoyed a great downhill to Niedervintl (755m).

4th day: After a not so plentyfull breakfast we started a long way round to Brixen where took the train to get to Sterzing because of some rain. When we arrived at Sterzing the sun came back again and we went downhill by bike to finally arrive at Innsbruck again.

… and as always: I’m looking forward to starting the next journey…

August 25, 2014
by Fleur

Transalp 2014

This year it took us nearly 2 Weeks through the alps.


… our route in 10 days:

1st day: arrival to Kufstein.
2nd day: we went to Aschau bei Kirchberg (A.b. Kirchberg/Spertental).
3rd day: it took us to the “Wildkogelhaus” where we had both a wonderful sunset as well as sunrise.
4th day: we went straight to the “Krimmler Tauernhaus” and enjoyed the views around the Krimml Waterfalls.
5th day: we went across the Krimmler Tauern with beautiful views of the “Hohe Tauern” and reached Niederolang (next to Bruneck).
6th day: journey to St.Vigil Strada
7th day: journey to St. Kassian
8th day: journey to Alleghe
9th day: journey to Feltre (b)
10th: with starting to cross the Monte Grappa we rode our bikes through the last alps’ mountain extensions and finally arrived at Bassano di Grappa (100 km before the sea).

September 10, 2013
by Fleur

Transalp, August 2013

This year’s transalp took us from the Lake Constance (in German: Bodensee) to the Lake Como (in German: Comersee)

A litte late, but anyway, I would like to post some impressions and facts on our MTB Transalp journey this year in August.

Transalp_0813_0001We, 4 friends, started on a Friday and went by train to Bregenz where we started our MTB-journey.

Transalp_0813_0002On saturday we moved on to Klosters, mainly on official bicycle routes.

Transalp_0813_0004On Sunday our journey led us thorugh the mountains right to Schruns.

Transalp_0813_0005Then we moved on to Arosa.

Transalp_0813_0006Because of the bad wheather forecast we decided to spend the following day mostly on streets through to move on to Savognin. Let me say this, do not underestimate the many up- and -downs of Swiss motorways 😉 – we also did about ~2000hm and more than 60km this day – but fortunately with nearly no rain.

Transalp_0813_0007Last but one, we moved on to Italy and arrived at the wonderful romantic town called Chiavenna after a amazing long downhill! 🙂

Transalp_0813_0009Finally, we arrived at Colico late at evening.

Transalp_0813_0003Last but not least I can really recommend this route because Switzerland is such a beautiful country, there are many lonely but wonderful trails, and the Swiss – in contrast to Austrians, appreciate Mtbikers!

March 13, 2013
by Fleur

Open Data – Visual POI comparison

Lately, I played a little bit with open data from our hometown Graz.

I compared emergency location data (longitude/latitude) provided by the Open Goverment initiative with free POI-data of Open Street Map.

The following picture shows, how accurate most of the data is and how detailed OSM is:



January 1, 2013
by Fleur

A happy new year!

Dazzled by the christmas' sun my sister and I are looking forward to what the new year might hold. We wish all a funny, exciting and happy 2013!

A funny, exciting and happy new year 2013, full of experiences!

August 28, 2012
by Fleur

My first Transalp by MTB

Three friends and me enjoyed our first Transalp two weeks ago. We started in Oberstdorf and drove 7 days over 400km and 10000altimeters to the Gardasee.
Just before the “Fimberpass” we met a mtbiker who started alone. Right after a midbreak he joined us and got part of our transalp jouney. Last but not least we were five mtbikers who finished their transalp-trip together in Torbole.
I can really recommend it. It has been really great fun!
Thanks to all of my friends who drove with me!

Here are some impressions from our little adventure biking journey:

Day 1: Spuller See

Day 2: Verwall

Day 3: On the way to the Fimbapass

Day 4: On the way to the Fimbapass

Day 5: Val d'Uina

Day 6: Rabbijoch


Day 7: Arriving at Lake Garda, Torbole